Pressure washer Guide

Consider Few Things before You Buy a Pressure Washer

When you go to buy a thing you should make a plan before you actually buy the product. You should know all the important things about the product so that no one can cheat you and give you a bad product. When you plan to buy a pressure washer you must know all the details about a pressure washer. At first, you must decide your budget that you are going to spend for your pressure washer. Keep that in mind that an electric pressure washer is always comparatively cheaper than a gas pressure washer.

Decide what kind of pressure washer you want to buy. Get necessary knowledge about PSI (Pressure per Square Inch) and GPM (Gallon Per Minute). These are few key things to estimate the power and performance of a pressure washer. Know about the detergent tank facility and the nozzles that you are going to get with a pressure washer. Consider the weight of a pressure washer as it can create a big problem later when you will think of moving your device frequently. See the quality of the high-pressure hose and the quality of the power cord (if the device is an electric one). In terms of gas pressure washer check the size of the fuel tank and what kind of fuel it uses. Learn about the engine of a pressure washer and the pump as these two make a big difference in the performance of a pressure washer.

PSI (Pressure per Square Inch) is the measurement unit of the water pressure that a device provides. GPM (Gallon Per Minute) shows that how gallons of water the pump can deliver in a minute. Good supply of water means good cleaning and increased power of water pressure means cleaning the tough dirt easily. Knowledge about these two will help you find out your desired machine.

You can buy a pressure washer in two ways; one of them is by going to the market and finding your device and finally getting it. On the other way, you know about your device on the internet and place the order in one of the e-commerce sites like The latter method is comparatively easier and effective as you don't have to take much hassle and the product will be delivered at your house. These e-commerce sites give you the facility to change or get a replace of your product.

Few Good Brands for Residential Pressure Washer

There are many companies who make pressure washers and from them few make residential pressure washer. Our study of best brands is based on the reviews of the users based on their satisfaction, quality of the machine and the after buying facilities given by the companies. Most of the time, we get confused when we go to buy a pressure washer. We face difficulty to buy as we don't have the idea about the reliability of the brand. Hope that this article will help you decide the best suitable brand for you. The good brands are

Sun Joe: Sun Joe is a division of the Company Snow Joe that has started in 2004. Sun Joe makes only electric pressure washer and people are fond of their pressure washers based on their performances. Starting from a low powered power washer to a high powered pressure washer all they make with their efficient workers to give you the best product.

Annovi Riverberi: It is a renowned company that started its journey in 1958 and has a long history of making water pumps. The products of this company are featured with all the modern technologies and facilities. The company has a long history and reputation in making electric pressure washers. Their products are durable; it also has Total Stop System (TSS), GFCI power cord and many other things.

Simpson: Jack Simpson is the founder of the company who started making pressure washers in 1960. The company is actually pretty famous for making gas pressure washer. People who want a powerful engine and extreme water pressure they are fond of Simpson products.

Karcher: The company has a long experience and efficiency in making electric pressure washers. The technicians understand the need of the modern people and make their devices accordingly. Starting from TSS (Total Stop System) to all the modern technologies, their devices have them all.

Generac: This company was founded in 1959 and was the first to engineer affordable home standby generators. It is now the number one manufacturer of home backup generators. They started making power washers later. The manufacturer features its products nicely with all the modern facilities. Their pressure washers are very well known in the market.

Greenworks: CPO Greenworks is the leading online tool retailer in America that started its journey in 2004. In the pressure washer world, Greenworks became famous for its products' good quality and durability. People rely on their machine's quality to be one of the finest. They include all the modern technologies in their pressure washers.

From the above discussed brands you can choose any one that fits your requirement and satisfaction. We can assure you that these brands are very reliable and famous in the pressure washer world and they will provide you all the after buying services.

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